Mazak Integrex Multi-tasking Machines

The Mazak Integrex is the most widely used multi-tasking machine tool in the world. A wide range of specifications is available to meet a variety of process integration requirements. Not only the e-series for large workpiece machining, but also the Mazak e-Ramtec series are equipped with a ram spindle for deep ID turning/machining, and the j-series are designed to provide you the maximum value as well.

What is Multi-Tasking?

Mazak Integrex Multi-Tasking has revolutionized manufacturing and plays a critical role in today’s progressive smart factories. Mazak continues to pioneer the machine tool technology that provides single-setup complete part machining, or Done In One processing from raw material to finished part.

Besides the amazing gains in productivity, Mazak Integrex Multi-Tasking technology has catapulted shops, especially smaller ones, to levels where they can easily machine the most complex parts in the world and do so cost-effectively.

With the industry’s most expansive product range, Mazak Integrex Multi-Tasking machine configurations can pack second turning spindles, multiple tool turrets with rotary tool stations, Y-axis off-centerline capability, tilt/rotary B-axis milling spindles, rotary/tilt tables and large capacity tool magazines.

Multi-Tasking is when you combine several cutting processes, including turning, milling, drilling, tapping and deep-hole boring, on one machine as opposed to having those same processes handled by multiple machines.

Mazak Integrex Multi-tasking Machines benefits
  • Significant reductions in production lead times and part costs
  • Improved machining accuracy and overall part quality
  • Increased capacity, flexibility, productivity and profitability
  • Improved cash flow by producing parts on demand
  • Cost benefits such as reduced part costs via fewer fixtures, tools and labor requirements
  • Increased cutting times, but not labor costs
  • Added floor space by doing more using less machines
  • Automatic load/unload integrated with machining cycle for unattended operation
  • Large companies and OEMs achieve shorter payment cycles, increased throughput and more
  • Job shops and contractors gain a more profitable pricing structure and several other benefits
Integrex i-Series 2 products
Integrex j-Series 2 products
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